About Us

Why buy from us?


We are a professional company for everything that has to do with surveillance, for both private and business customers. This shop is part of Zohlandt ICT.

Besides cameras, we not only supply equipment for high-quality video surveillance but also for:


·         Intrusion prevention

·         Fire prevention

·         Camera surveillance

·         Access control

·         VoIP / Telephony


LED lighs

Alarm Clocks

Baby monitors

We provide not only the products but can also advise any help you to get in touch with approved installers, so you make the most of us purchased system.


If you would like more information, or you do not come from anywhere, please feel free to contact us


Contact details:



(mailing address)

Saliestraat 2



Tel: +31 (0) 853 011 090

email: uk.info@multishops.eu

Chamber of Commerce 27261038

VAT: NL002037711B76


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